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Hello everyone! Welcome to my website where I talk about everything in Singapore relating to dating and especially escorts!

Social escorts have seemingly become a hot point in recent years in Singapore, and so I will like to cover such topics, by giving you my personal opinion of escorts Singapore in general from my past experience booking them in SG.

One of my most popular posts is actually whether you should make a booking for an escort if you haven’t had a girlfriend before.

You may have noticed that SG escorts do not show their full images, and so if this is your very first time to our city, you may be perplexed! Do not be. I explain why that is the case here. In fact, this phenomenon is very common in the entire South East Asia.

As you can tell from the above, I’m very passionate about sharing my experiences with my bookings, and advice, as this is something that is seen as very taboo in our society, and very rarely do people give advice on this. Therefore, you cannot even turn to a friend to ask for advice on this e.g. where to get bookings, recommended escorts and more!

That is why my goal for my website is to share all these experiences with you, so that you can better figure out how you can meet highly rated escorts with amazing reviews in Singapore instead of going for duds.

With my website, you will be able to get access to all these information in the privacy of your mobile phone or laptop, and you can get them without anyone else knowing what you are up to! Nice.

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