I Never Had A Girlfriend – Should I See A Social Escort?

If you never have had a girlfriend before in Singapore, and you are in your 20s or 30s or even 40s, chances are, you feel very worried whether you will ever find a girlfriend and wife in your lifetime. You may also feel additional pressure from all family and friends. To make things worse, you also always wanted to know how it feels like to have a girlfriend. You may be a very smart and hardworking man who’s highly successful but perhaps lacking on the dating end.

Do you find the above situation familiar? Great! You’re NOT alone. This article is FOR YOU if you identify with the above.

First of all, you should not ask the question if you are rich. If you have tons of disposable cash to spare, why bother? Just engage a social escort – it’s no big deal.

Second of all, if you don’t want to spend, then you should figure out what went wrong with your dating. Is it because you simply aren’t going out to meet girls enough? Or are you already meeting many girls, but constantly getting rejected? Just like in business and work, it’s simply about % chance of success multiplied by the number of times you try. Quality and quantity of your pick up dating game matters.

Third of all, even among social escorts, you should look at their description. Some escorts are not that educated and eloquent and are just eye candies. However, other escorts are beautiful and educated and can hold a conversation with highly successful men like you. It would be terrible to meet a ‘dumb blonde’ type of escort if you are very smart and are highly successful.

Last but not least, you should first figure out if you are ready for a steady girlfriend. If you are just looking for a girlfriend experience without strings attached, then look for a social escort. They are experts at the romantic girlfriend experience. However, just a note that you should NEVER EVER get emotionally attached with any escort. They are very good at making you feel as though they are your girlfriend, but the truth is they are acting as your girlfriend during the hired time. If you get emotionally attached to them, then you should get a girlfriend. But if you are not looking for a steady girlfriend, yet want to know how it feels like to have a really beautiful girl as your girlfriend , then seeing social escorts is a good idea (if you want this, then check out the girlfriend experience from http://www.sgvipescorts.com – they have also recently been published on Yahoo! News).

Last but not least, some people feel embarrassed about engaging a social escort. But here’s the truth – more men in Singapore engage escorts than you may think or guess in your wildest dreams. So don’t worry, it’s certainly not embarrassing at all.

Why Do Singapore Escorts Not Show Their Faces?

Singapore is a privacy conscious and conservative country. As a result, many things, including social escorting is also considered as taboo in Singapore. Social escort work is obviously above board and legalized in Singapore, however, due to some escorts doing more than just social companionship with clients, there is a social stigma around it. That is definitely one of the reasons why models prefer not having their faces shown.

Second of all, Singapore is also a tiny country, and the population is relatively small at only 5 million people. This means that the possibility of someone recognizing the photograph will be quite high if there is a face attached to the photo. Because most models will prefer to do the work without the stigma, they will want their faces to be cropped out of the images from the websites.

This is also the reason why most top, good looking models only choose to work with reputable agencies, which will help to protect their absolute privacy.

If you are planning to engage a social escort in Singapore, steer clear of backpage and locanto ads – 99% of the photographs are fake.

If you really want to explore into engaging a social escort model locally, then book a girl today with SG VIP Escorts.

Does Being A Social Escort Change You?

For those who are interested in being a social escort in Singapore, it is true that you will be able to command a seriously high income of at least $5000 to $10000 if you’re popular and with a good agency.

However, is it all roses and sunshine? Not quite. Here are some cons (or rather, side effects) of being a social escort:

SPH interviewed a social escort on her perspective on how her life has changed after being a escort model for a few years.

Of course, she did admit at the end that the money still makes it a good choice in the end, and that if she could repeat her choice, she will still become one.

Well, so there you go gals, being a social escort, just like any other job, has its cons, but its pros definitely seem to be much greater… such as financial freedom!

If you want to join a local agency, try out https://sgvipescorts.tumblr.com/. They’re known to be one of the most reputable local agencies in Singapore for taking good care of their girls, and paying them punctually and well.

But of course, this is your life, so watch the above video before making any decisions!

Why Do Men Turn To Social Escorts?

If you have ever wondered why men turn to social escorts, here are some of the common reasons why… at least in Singapore. If you’re looking for a social escort agency instead, then head here for Singapore’s best company and my personal recommendation: https://www.yelp.com.sg/biz/sg-vip-escorts-singapore.

First and foremost, most men who engage social escorts are single men in their mid to late 30s to early 50s. These men are also single, wealthy and had no social life due to working ridiculously hard at their high paying job or building businesses non stop for many years. Now, it’s time for them to enjoy life by partying and getting girls without worrying about money. However, it can be dangerous to marry the wrong girl, considering that half your wealth may disappear if she divorces you. However, although social escorts are in a way, gold diggers, however, you only pay her amounts relative to the amount of time she spends with you. Most men who engage social escorts in Singapore make between the range of $10,000 to $50,000 per month at least. This means that spending $500 to 1000 per hour once a month or every few months with a hot girl is definitely within their budget, and definitely not half their net worth. Let’s just say that wealthy and single men in Singapore get social escorts to flirt and have fun with without any risk to their empire they have built.

Secondly, as most men who engage escort girls in Singapore are usually businessmen, they have lots of meetings and business convention events to go to. As a result, many expatriates to the island of Singapore like to engage a local girl as their social escort to boost their own status at these events, as they don’t have their wives with them. Nothing says that you’re successful as much as a beautiful lady on your arm.

Third of all, even though society seems to make it as though men don’t have feelings of loneliness, the truth cannot be further from that. When you compound high levels of stress with no social life as a result of stressful work and no significant other, the sense of loneliness piles up rather quickly. As a result, many men engage social escorts just for a lending shoulder to talk to. I would say this comprises 10 to 15% of the men who engage social escorts.

There are lots of reasons why men engage escorts, and the above are definitely some of the most common reasons.

How Much Can Singapore Social Escorts Make?

One of the big attractions about being a social escort is definitely the money. That is in fact the biggest reason why many girls in Singapore turn to social escort work as their part time job (which can sometimes pay more than their full time work). That is why increasingly many attractive women in Singapore join registered social escort agencies such as https://www.linkedin.com/company/sgvipescorts/ as a part time or even a full time gig! It pays ridiculously well!

In fact, social escort work is about the only work which can pay a girl so much money without years of hard work or experience at a company. The only key is that the girl is intelligent (as most customers engage social escorts to bring them to social events as a plus one), eloquent and very beautiful. Of course, this means that most girls don’t make the cut. However, for those who make the cut, being a part time or even a full time social escort is a very attractive thought.

Generally, social escort agencies charge customers by the hour or the event. Most people engage social escorts for two to three hours, and the average price for three hours is around $1400 to $2000. This basically means that even if your take is 50%, you would make at least $700 for three hours, which is about $200 plus per hour! I mean, what kind of job other than being a social escort can pay so well? Nothing. Of course, the only thing is that you may not necessarily have jobs everyday of the week. Additionally, as most customers are actually highly accomplished executives and top businessmen, your services will only be needed in the evenings or on the weekends, as they’re working also. This is also good for you as this means you can choose to either work full time as a social escort or work full time at another job while doing escort work in Singapore part time in the evenings and the weekends.

The great news about social escort work is that most clients are very accomplished and successful, due to the high price points of such services, and therefore, you do not have to worry about creeps.

In short, social escort work is really fun as you get to go out with very accomplished men and enjoy beautiful dates while getting paid a lot of money within an extremely short frame of time. Of course, you must join the right agency for steady deal flows as well as them taking care of you and ensuring the clients are legitimate and not dodgy. Finally, make sure to join only legitimate and registered social escort agencies which do not ask you to perform sexual activities. If a social escort agency asks you to perform sexual related activities, both you and the agency may get into trouble as it’s strictly illegal for agencies to sell sexual services in Singapore. Only make sure to join legitimate agencies in Singapore.

Life In The Day Of A Social Escort In Singapore

Singapore is known to be a conservative country (in terms of its people’s values, not politics), and as such, social escorts may feel awkward in their day to day life. However, the seasoned pros are great at balancing their ‘normal’ life and their social escort services while making insane dough and money at it. If you want to join a reputable Singapore social escort agency, then check out https://www.facebook.com/sgvipgirls/ https://www.pinterest.com/richardvip/.

Watch the above video which is an interview of a local social escort in Singapore by SPH Razor. Keep in mind that social escort services in Singapore is a perfectly legal business.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s an attractive path? Most social escorts join because they want extra cash flow and it’s easy to build up a sizable bank savings account while working as a social escort. Also, most escorts are between the ages of 19 to 26 as that’s the age that most customers find attractive. If you’re within the ages of 19 to 26, do you want to work as an escort for 2-5 years which is what most women who joined do?

Let me know in the comments below.

Can I Use Social Escorts Legally In Singapore?

There are so many news that social escort agencies in Singapore are busted and caught for vice activities that most people who are not usual customers of social escort services may not be aware that social escort agencies are perfectly legal in Singapore and engaging their services is equally legal as well, just like buying a plate of chicken rice.

First of all, social escorts are different from prostitutes. Social escorts strictly provide companionship purposes only and usually accompany clients to business events or private dates. Anything more than that is a private agreement between two consenting adults. Engaging social escort services in Singapore is perfectly legal, and is a official business allowed by the government of Singapore.

Second of all, if you do decide and the escort decides to have sexual relations with you, it’s very important to only do it with women who are above the age of 18. This is because even if the girl were to consent to it, but if she were below the age of 18 in Singapore, you will be liable to persecution for having sex with an underaged girl.

Third of all, if you choose to engage a girl through a social escort agency, which is the case with most customers in Singapore, you must ensure that the agency is actually registered with ACRA. It’s very simple to check. They will usually list their company’s registration number or reveal it to you upon asking, and you can tally it with ACRA’s website. If they’re found, it’s legal. Otherwise, it’s not.

So, the next time if you come to Singapore and want to go on a no strings attached date with a beautiful Singaporean girl, then make sure to engage social escort services – they’re legal and no strings attached 😉

Whatever you do, make sure to engage the best agency in Singapore. Don’t be afraid to engage a more expensive but much better quality social escort and have a great date, rather than being stingy and going out with an ugly girl.