How Much Can Singapore Social Escorts Make?

One of the big attractions about being a social escort is definitely the money. That is in fact the biggest reason why many girls in Singapore turn to social escort work as their part time job (which can sometimes pay more than their full time work). That is why increasingly many attractive women in Singapore join registered social escort agencies such as as a part time or even a full time gig! It pays ridiculously well!

In fact, social escort work is about the only work which can pay a girl so much money without years of hard work or experience at a company. The only key is that the girl is intelligent (as most customers engage social escorts to bring them to social events as a plus one), eloquent and very beautiful. Of course, this means that most girls don’t make the cut. However, for those who make the cut, being a part time or even a full time social escort is a very attractive thought.

Generally, social escort agencies charge customers by the hour or the event. Most people engage social escorts for two to three hours, and the average price for three hours is around $1400 to $2000. This basically means that even if your take is 50%, you would make at least $700 for three hours, which is about $200 plus per hour! I mean, what kind of job other than being a social escort can pay so well? Nothing. Of course, the only thing is that you may not necessarily have jobs everyday of the week. Additionally, as most customers are actually highly accomplished executives and top businessmen, your services will only be needed in the evenings or on the weekends, as they’re working also. This is also good for you as this means you can choose to either work full time as a social escort or work full time at another job while doing escort work in Singapore part time in the evenings and the weekends.

The great news about social escort work is that most clients are very accomplished and successful, due to the high price points of such services, and therefore, you do not have to worry about creeps.

In short, social escort work is really fun as you get to go out with very accomplished men and enjoy beautiful dates while getting paid a lot of money within an extremely short frame of time. Of course, you must join the right agency for steady deal flows as well as them taking care of you and ensuring the clients are legitimate and not dodgy. Finally, make sure to join only legitimate and registered social escort agencies which do not ask you to perform sexual activities. If a social escort agency asks you to perform sexual related activities, both you and the agency may get into trouble as it’s strictly illegal for agencies to sell sexual services in Singapore. Only make sure to join legitimate agencies in Singapore.

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