Does Being A Social Escort Change You?

For those who are interested in being a social escort in Singapore, it is true that you will be able to command a seriously high income of at least $5000 to $10000 if you’re popular and with a good agency.

However, is it all roses and sunshine? Not quite. Here are some cons (or rather, side effects) of being a social escort:

SPH interviewed a social escort on her perspective on how her life has changed after being a escort model for a few years.

Of course, she did admit at the end that the money still makes it a good choice in the end, and that if she could repeat her choice, she will still become one.

Well, so there you go gals, being a social escort, just like any other job, has its cons, but its pros definitely seem to be much greater… such as financial freedom!

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But of course, this is your life, so watch the above video before making any decisions!

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