Why Do Singapore Escorts Not Show Their Faces?

Singapore is a privacy conscious and conservative country. As a result, many things, including social escorting is also considered as taboo in Singapore. Social escort work is obviously above board and legalized in Singapore, however, due to some escorts doing more than just social companionship with clients, there is a social stigma around it. That is definitely one of the reasons why models prefer not having their faces shown.

Second of all, Singapore is also a tiny country, and the population is relatively small at only 5 million people. This means that the possibility of someone recognizing the photograph will be quite high if there is a face attached to the photo. Because most models will prefer to do the work without the stigma, they will want their faces to be cropped out of the images from the websites.

This is also the reason why most top, good looking models only choose to work with reputable agencies, which will help to protect their absolute privacy.

If you are planning to engage a social escort in Singapore, steer clear of backpage and locanto ads – 99% of the photographs are fake. Update as of 2018: In fact, Backpage no longer exists, and at this rate, Locanto will be hit badly as well. If you tried to check it out, you will realize that all photos are fake, and are simply Googled for images used by unethical ‘escorts’ who look absolutely nothing like the provided photographs. If you want to look for an authentic Singaporean social escort, then such directories are definitely not the way to go. Perhaps they are still in certain countries like the USA, or even Australia, but in Singapore, agencies are still your best choices by far and your best friend.

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