Does Being A Social Escort Change You?

For those who are interested in being a social escort in Singapore and picking up such a job, it is true that you will be able to command a seriously high income. You could potentially make at least $5000 to $10000 if you’re popular and with a good agency.

However, is it all roses and sunshine? Not quite.

Here are some cons (or rather, side effects) of being a social escort:

I have attached a video above which is by RazorTV department of SPH. In that above video, SPH interviewed a social escort on her perspective on how her life has changed after being a escort model in Singapore for a few years.

There are obvious benefits like the money and the short amount of time required to make that type of money. But there are also some cons. Some of these cons are that she feels that many men are actually flirts and may affect her future thoughts when dating seriously for marriage in future.

Of course, she did admit at the end that the money still makes it a good choice. The girl also said that if she could repeat her choice, she will still become one.

Well, so there you go gals, being a social escort, just like any other job, has its cons. But its pros definitely seem to be much greater… such as financial freedom! Working a $5/hour job at McDonald’s will not be able to buy you any Gucci bags or Chanel wallets anytime soon, but a job as a female escort girl in Singapore may. Of course, this depends on your availability, and not every girl is suited to be an escort as well.

But of course, this is your life, so watch the above video before making any decisions!