Can I Use Social Escorts Legally In Singapore?

There are so many news that social escort agencies in Singapore are busted and caught for vice activities that most people who are not usual customers of social escort services may not be aware that social escort agencies are perfectly legal in Singapore and engaging their services is equally legal as well, just like buying a plate of chicken rice.

First of all, social escorts are different from prostitutes. Social escorts strictly provide companionship purposes only and usually accompany clients to business events or private dates. Anything more than that is a private agreement between two consenting adults. Engaging social escort services in Singapore is perfectly legal, and is a official business allowed by the government of Singapore. If you want to know whether it is a legal transaction or not, just imagine this. Can you meet a girl through Tinder? Yes. Can you go out with / marry / reject / etc with the girl you met through Tinder? Yes. But can Tinder arrange for marriage? No! That’s illegal in many parts of the world and is considered as sale of brides. Can Tinder arrange for sex? No! That’s facilitation of prostitution and it is illegal. Same thing with escorts. They are simply there as a romantic companion and your girlfriend. You are essentially ONLY paying for that. If an agency sells you anything more than that, it is a RED legal flag.

Second of all, if you do decide and the escort decides to have sexual relations with you, it’s very important to only do it with women who are above the age of 18. This is because even if the girl were to consent to it, but if she were below the age of 18 in Singapore, you will be liable to persecution for having sex with an underaged girl.

Next of all, if you choose to bring the girl out to a public place with lots of people (e.g. not just your hotel nearby vicinities, but like to a gala event or meeting), then make sure to let the agency know beforehand. This is because not all girls are comfortable with that. Singapore is still culturally conservative, and some social escorts are fine with that, but some are not. This means they prefer dating in a quiet location (or rather simply as a pretend girlfriend, and no need for you to introduce her to other people). This is because Singapore is a small country, and population is small for a country. This means that many people may know many other people, and word can spread around fast. You want the social escort to respect your privacy, so make sure to respect hers too! Please let your agency of choice know of this beforehand if that is the case.

Third of all, if you choose to engage a girl through a social escort agency, which is the case with most customers in Singapore, you must ensure that the agency is actually registered with ACRA. It’s very simple to check. They will usually list their company’s registration number or reveal it to you upon asking, and you can tally it with ACRA’s website. If they’re found, it’s legal. Otherwise, it’s not.

So, the next time if you come to Singapore and want to go on a no strings attached date with a beautiful Singaporean girl, then make sure to engage social escort services – they’re legal and no strings attached 😉

Whatever you do, make sure to engage the best agency in Singapore. Don’t be afraid to engage a more expensive but much better quality social escort and have a great date, rather than being stingy and going out with an ugly girl.