Why Do Men Turn To Social Escorts?


If you have ever wondered why men turn to social escorts, here are some of the common reasons why… at least in Singapore. If you’re looking for a social escort agency¬†instead, then head here for Singapore’s best company and my personal recommendation: https://www.yelp.com.sg/biz/sg-vip-escorts-singapore SG VIP Escorts.

Companionship Without Risk Of Marrying And Get Divorced For Alimony

First and foremost, most men who engage social escorts are single men in their mid to late 30s to early 50s. These men are also single, wealthy and had no social life due to working ridiculously hard at their high paying job or building businesses non stop for many years. Now, it’s time for them to enjoy life by partying and getting girls without worrying about money. However, it can be dangerous to marry the wrong girl, considering that half your wealth may disappear if she divorces you. However, although social escorts are in a way, gold diggers, however, you only pay her amounts relative to the amount of time she spends with you. Most men who engage social escorts in Singapore make between the range of $10,000 to $50,000 per month at least. This means that spending $500 to 1000 per hour once a month or every few months with a hot girl is definitely within their budget, and definitely not half their net worth. Let’s just say that wealthy and single men in Singapore get social escorts to flirt and have fun with without any risk to their empire they have built.

As A Status Symbol

Secondly, as most men who engage escort girls in Singapore are usually businessmen, they have lots of meetings and business convention events to go to. As a result, many expatriates to the island of Singapore like to engage a local girl as their social escort to boost their own status at these events, as they don’t have their wives with them. Nothing says that you’re successful as much as a beautiful lady on your arm. Sometimes, these clients also engage escorts to accompany them to a bar meeting to show off. After all, every man loves a pretty lady, and having a gorgeous escort by your side is like a form of status symbol.

Companionship To Cure Loneliness

Third of all, even though society seems to make it as though men don’t have feelings of loneliness, the truth cannot be further from that. When you compound high levels of stress with no social life as a result of stressful work and no significant other, the sense of loneliness piles up rather quickly. As a result, many men engage social escorts just for a lending shoulder to talk to. It wouldn’t make sense to talk about relationship woes to your bros, or some worries, so these clients would rather have a listening ear without worrying about any embarrassment. It is exactly like seeing a psychiatrist or consultant of sorts. I would say this comprises 10 to 15% of the men who engage social escorts.

There are lots of reasons why men engage escorts, and the above are definitely some of the most common reasons.